Training for Silhouette Shooters

We have been shooting rifle silhouette for over 25 years now.  We truly love the sport and it has taken us across the country and the world!  Some of our best friends have been made following this humbling yet rewarding sport.

Cathy Winstead-Severin earned her first National Title in Smallbore Silhouette at the age of 19.  Since then she has won Nationals 18 times the World Championships 7 times.  She was on the US Shooting Team for Running Target for nine years as well.  Her father, Chris, was an Assistant Coach for the US Team in Running Target, has trained shooters to the NCAA and World Championship level as well.

We have developed Silhouette Simplified to help fellow shooters expand their knowledge and techniques.  By taking the sport back to basics, the Beginner to Master class shooter can benefit from the topics Chris and Cathy have developed and learned through the years.