Training for Silhouette Shooters

The most important part of become a good and better shooter is practice. It is often directly proportional to how much you improve.

You should practice four to six times a week.  Practicing once a week means won’t help with improving.

We have found dry firing is the on of the best ways practice. To dryfire you put up a target, put in a dummy round, get into position, move the trigger back until the shot goes off, count to two, then move.  Dry firing puts less emphasis on the result of hitting the target and more on you.  You will be able to feel if you are moving at the time of the shot or other mistakes not felt during a live fire session.

It is also important to go to the range and learn to shoot in various conditions. Remember the learning to shoot in the wind is vital in silhouette!  To help you learnn, first shoot your rifle on the bench to actually see how much the bullet moves in the current wind. Then stand up and learn to take the shot when you are just breaking coming into the spot target. If you learn to become a wind shooter, it will help you win matches in the future.

Ranges and targets.  If possible, it is ideal to have a practice range at your home. You can also put some swingers in your trunk and set them up at a range.

Especially when first starting, put a one inch orange circle in center of the silhouette target. This allows your mind will always know where the center is even if you close your eyes.  Having this image imprinted in your mind will be priceless while you continue in the sport.